Nisum Digital reliably implements scalable, customizable technical solutions proven to drive eCommerce growth.

For digital transformation leaders who must grow their business through technology innovation, Nisum Digital is a preferred reliable partner who proves to be the best long-term investment. Shoulder-to-shoulder with your team, we guarantee to launch in-market 100% of the customizable solutions that scale with clients long-term. Our solutions consistently enabled clients’ 30% year-over-year online growth for 10+ years, providing continuous and compound returns.


How Nisum Digital Delivers Client Success

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Areas of Impact

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

  • Migration and Adoption

  • Architecture and Design

  • Security

  • Optimization

  • Cloud Provisioning and Configuration Management

Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce

  • Real-time Visibility

  • 360-degree Customers View

  • Personalized Customer Experience

  • Reduced Cost

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

  • Digital Strategy

  • Process Transformation

  • Customer-centric

  • Operations Excellence

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

  • SRE as a Service

  • Monitoring and Alerting

  • HA and DR Capabilities

  • 24 x 7 Support

  • Chaos Engineering

Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering

  • Continuous Testing

  • Enterprise Test Data Management

  • Performance and Load Testing

Framework and Accelerators


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Digital Transformation: The Post-pandemic Playbook

2020 brought a massive shift to consumer behavior. This is the playbook for companies that want to thrive in this "new normal."

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Digital Transformation The Post-pandemic Playbook

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