In our 19 year history, there are certain client opportunities that we're constantly solving for. Through hard work, numerous & varied challenges, rigorous analysis, and even some lively debates, we've continuously been refining our craft in these areas. Consequently, our clients and the market recognize us as experts. While there are many domains that Nisum specializes in, the ones listed below represent key areas of focus for Nisum.





Unified Commerce

A step above omnichannel, unified commerce supports an interconnected system of records on the back-end to provide a more robust foundation and seamless user experience across channels and devices. Looking forward to emerging technologies such as AI, Nisum has the expertise to understand your business needs and incorporate cutting-edge technologies to help your business reach new heights.



Business Intelligence

With Nisum, more information means more insights. Leveraging past successes, we customize technology solutions that can help you improve sales, marketing, and customer service. We build within the following areas: Customer, Marketing and Sales, and Supply Chain.



Cloud Services

Nisum helps clients perform assessments of applications to determine Cloud-readiness, and then partners with clients in modernizing applications as well as defining a migration strategy to run on a Cloud platform. We design secure, scalable, and high performing applications that save money by incorporating automation and reducing resources.



Scrum Team as a Service

Scrum Team as a Service (STaaS) supports our clients by helping them create, deliver, and manage the release train and road maps to ensure a smooth delivery that exceeds customer expectations. We are experts in guiding teams to previously unachievable levels of cohesiveness, self-organization, and performance, enabling clients to deliver quality services with accelerated time to market.



Digital Transformation

Go digital or go home. Nisum understands having a clear strategy behind digital transformation is more important than technology. In the current competitive landscape, it is easy to be distracted by the bells and whistles. Let Nisum's track record with industry-leading brands support your company as they embark on digital transformation.

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