At Nisum we believe that DevOps is a movement for cultural change and increased collaboration. This is achieved by breaking down silos and promoting an environment of shared responsibility.

Automation is a cornerstone of the DevOps culture as it facilitates collaboration.

Automation is a cornerstone of the DevOps culture as it facilitates collaboration.

Areas of Impact

           CICD Implementation


Configuration Management

We define a strategy that automates configuration management with industry best tools and approaches.


Pipeline as Code

We set up the CICD pipeline to automate the application delivery lifecycle and sets up check-ins to source control. This enables customers to shop with confidence, increasing frequency.


Automated Deployments

We work with clients to define the best deployment strategy. by implementing blue-green and/or A/B Testing, rolling updates, or Canary-based deployment.



Measurement & Visibility

As part of the pipeline automation, Nisum helps in capturing quality metrics across the application development lifecycle and providing insight into software quality.


                           Cloud Services


Migration & Adoption

As part of the Cloud adoption drive, Nisum helps clients perform assessments of applications to determine Cloud readiness, and then partner with clients in modernizing applications and defining a migration strategy to run on a Cloud platform.


Architecture & Design

We specialize in designing Cloud-ready applications, building in security, scalability, and performance as part of the solution.




Cloud costs can be astronomical if not strategically optimized at the outset. We help clients right-size investments for the automated provisioning and de-provisioning of resources.



We follow best practices of least privilege, traceability, federated identity, and gatekeeper. We help clients secure all their resources, whether internal or edge and use SSO and authentication.

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