CIO Advisory

CIOs expect digital revenues to grow from 16% to 37% in the next 5 years1. To get there, CIOs are concerned with aligning IT with business, accelerating time-to-market, enabling innovation, and maintaining flexibility2. IT leaders are now the "it" factor in maintaining a competitive advantage. Combining cutting-edge technologies, industry expertise and a clear understanding of your business, Nisum crafts strategies that enable meaningful growth. By leveraging best-in-class practices, Nisum works closely with your organization to create forward thinking and pragmatic solutions with an integrated approach to elevated value.

Business & IT Alignment
Technology Design
Portfolio Planning

Technology Enablement

By 2020, customer experience is expected to overtake both price and product when it comes to differentiating a brand3. Your customers are at the center of every digital experience — and they have extremely high expectations of your technology in exchange for their attention (let alone dollars). From mission-critical and complex to creative and engaging, Nisum builds applications that help you serve your customers better and faster. Organizations of all industries and sizes recognize that their application portfolios are a key driver in achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage. Our industry-leading practices, processes, and tools allow us to be highly efficient and consistently deliver quality technology, keeping you on the cutting-edge and ensuring your time to market is optimized.

Dev & Test Automation
Full Stack UI

Organizational Effectiveness

More, better, faster seems to be the mantra of stakeholders. We've all heard it and we all want it. However, measuring effectiveness as an IT organization is inherently challenging and subjective. Further complicating matters, "IT value" is a moving target that changes with the winds of business requirements. IT organizations are simultaneously expected to be adaptable, efficient, quality-driven, fast, innovative and proactive. A great idea without the ability to execute is... well, probably just a pleasant thought. With Nisum's proven methodology and deep expertise to assist you with end-to-end organizational effectiveness, you can improve your performance so that you successfully navigate the complexities of change efforts, project deliveries, and organizational effectiveness.

Change Management
Program & Project Management
Agile Transformation & Delivery
Organizational Design

Product Activation

Creating a winning product — consistently — is one of the most daunting tasks product management groups face. Between 40% to 80% of new products fail in the market, requiring product leaders to anticipate future demand and constantly innovate to capture market opportunities. Nisum's product management approach is centered on a "build, measure, learn" methodology that improves success rates through checks and balances. We help clients widen their aperture to identify broader opportunities, while moving quickly through the innovation pipeline to test the market and capture valuable feedback.

Product Management
User Experience