Progress OpenEdge is the fundamental application development environment that keeps your business running. Constant innovation enables you to leverage technology advancements to quickly deliver high-performing business applications that your users not only need, but want.

Customers rely on OpenEdge to be the most innovative, reliable, and affordable application development platform in the industry. With the release of OpenEdge 11.7 you can build, scale and protect mission-critical business applications that are flexible enough to continuously evolve with the business.

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Progress has always delivered the platform and tools that organizations need to develop and deploy missioncritical business applications. As device types and interface types, on which applications run, proliferate, the number of systems that need to be connected rises, and the amount of data that needs to be harnessed continues toskyrocket, organizations are looking for a modern platform that will enable them to quickly and easily develop and deliver tomorrow's applications.

Progress offers a great platform for building and deploying tomorrow's applications quickly and easily. Progress offers flexible frontend tooling for delivering an engaging and multichannel UX, amodern, reliable, scalable and secure backend to build and run microservices, and leading

data connectivity capabilities, whether on premise or in the cloud. Progress customers span the globe and include thousands of ISVs that build their business application offerings on Progress, and tens of thousands of organizations using Progress to build their own missioncritical applications.