Nisum Labs

Nisum's Blockchain Lab was founded in 2017, with an objective of advancing the disruptive potential and progressive functionality of blockchain technologies. At the center of Nisum's innovation culture are our clients. Our lab was formed to stay ahead of the technology curve, by gathering expertise in new and effective applications of blockchain-enabled capabilities, such as distributed databases, distributed ledgers, and decentralized file storage.



Nisum's Blockchain Lab is strategically located in Santiago, Chile where we currently maintain offices with over 250 technologists. Santiago is uniquely positioned to provide superior value to our global clients, including nearshore services to American companies. Santiago has quickly become the "Silicon Valley of Latin America", attracting top-tier talent from across Latin America, Europe and Asia that is not only technology adept, but highly innovative. The innovation ecosystem is blossoming rapidly, with excellent presence and support of world-class universities, start-up incubators, global technology firms, and governmental programs.

Given our Blockchain Lab's unique mix of expertise, objectives and location, Nisum is confident in our ability to deliver high-value POCs and projects, across myriad industries and applications.

Why Blockchain is Important

The potential for blockchain exists across all industries, from banking and healthcare to education and retail. This digital platform can record and verify transactions on a ledger visible to all while closed to revisions at the same time. These capabilities provide transparency and security, which are attributes that are becoming paramount as the world continues to advance through full digital transformation.

How businesses are currently using blockchain technology:

  • Smart contracts
  • Crowdfunding
  • Suppy chain auditing
  • File storage
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Neighbourhood Microgrids
  • Identity management
  • Data management
  • Stock trading

Blockchain Platforms We Are Currently Working With

We have expertise and experience with numerous blockchain types.

  • Ethereum
  • Mixed Tech Stack
  • Hyperledger
  • Blockchain 3.0

Sebastian Martinez

A technologist at heart, Sebastian's experience spans large-scale projects and innovative technologies, including development of real-time simulations for Renfe in Madrid and enterprise systems for Nisum clients across the Americas.

Sebastianís current endeavors combine his passion for continuous learning and advanced technologies, especially where they intersect for exciting business opportunities. Sebastian is the head of Nisum's Blockchain Lab, further developing this promising technology for both cutting edge and mainstream applications.