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Dish Detector™ Keeps Your Diners Safe with Touchless Menus!

Jul 16, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Keep Your Diners Safe with Digital Menus!

Dish Detector™ is a free app that helps restaurants comply with safety measures by making it easy to virtually share your menu with diners. Once registered, diners can search for your restaurant straight from the app or scan a provided QR code to pull up your menu. Adding your menu in Dish Detector™ is as easy as snapping and uploading a photo! 

Benefits of Dish Detector™:

  • Comply with the CDC reopening recommendation to reduce the use of shared reusable objects

  • Ensure a safe dining experience with digital menus 

  • Provide ease of mind to the diner to enjoy their restaurant experience  

  • Eliminate extra labor costs dedicated to disinfecting menus

  • Reduce or eliminate printing costs with digital menus

  • Easily add/update your menu by uploading photos or inputting menu details


Request a demo here or view the video below!



Written by Nisum

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