Insights and Analytics

Initiate, grow, and sustain profitable customer relationships with Nisum.

With Nisum, more information means more insights. Leveraging past successes, we customize technology solutions that can help you improve sales, marketing, and customer service. We build within the following areas: Customer, Marketing & Sales and Supply Chain.

A 360 degree view of your customers and products.

Areas of Impact

Customer, Marketing and Sales

Pricing & Promotion

Pricing optimization to improve margins.

Customer Acquisition

Leverage Social media, demographic for loyalty programs.

Customer Service Management

Increased customer service satisfaction via Chatbots for personalized assistance, and recommendations.

Market Mix Modeling

Optimize combined marketing mix and marketing spend.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Customer Order Visibility across the Supply Chain.

Demand Forecasting

Predict focused regional and national trends using real-time data.


Increased customer experience in Checkout process.

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