At Nisum we believe that DevOps is movement for cultural change and increased collaboration.This is achieved by breaking silos and promoting an environment of shared responsibility.

Automation is a corner stone of the DevOps culture as it facilitates collaboration.

Automation is a corner stone of the DevOps culture as it facilitates collaboration.

Areas of Impact

CICD Implementation

Configuration Management

PDefining a configuration management strategy. Automating configuration management with industry best tools and approach.

Pipeline as Code

Setup the CICD pipeline to automate the application delivery lifecycle. Enable customers to ship often and with confidence. Entire pipeline setup check-in to source control.

Automated Deployments

Working with client to define the best deployment strategy. Implementing Blue/Green, A/B Testing, Rolling update or Canary based deployment.

Measurement & Visibility

As part of the pipeline automation, Nisum helps in capturing the quality metrics across the application development lifecycle and provides insight into software quality

Cloud Services

Migration & Adoption

As part of the Cloud adoption drive, Nisum helps client perform assessment of application for cloud readiness, partner in modernizing the application and define migration strategy to run in Cloud platform.

Architecture & Design

We specialize designing a Cloud ready application, Plan security, scalability and performance as part of the solution.


Cloud cost can be astronomical if not carefully setup. Nisum helps its clients in right sizing, automated provisioning / de-provisioning of resources.


We follow pattern of Least Privilege, Trace-ability, Federated identity, Gatekeeper. Securing all resources, whether internal or edge. Use SSO and multi factor authentication.

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