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In addition to competitive salaries and benefits packages, Nisum US offers its employees some unique and fun extras. Our annual party and family picnics give us all a chance to slow down and have a great time together, away from it all. We have an incredibly diverse group of people in the US but we all share a common desire: to help those in need. That’s why Nisum US offers a generous number of paid hours for volunteerism work. Nisum US has formed a committee to organize volunteer opportunities in our local communities, or you may volunteer on your own with your favorite organization.

Professional Development

We offer in-house technical training and professional learning programs aimed at developing skills across a broad spectrum of topics such as technology, leadership, role-based training, and process expertise. We also offer an annual stipend for employees to attend external courses in order to maintain professional certifications.

Health & Wellness Benefits

We believe that your health and welfare are important and we strive to ensure that you have affordable options available to you, including some plans that are subsidized for employees and their families up to 90%. We also have dental and vision plans in the US where Nisum pays 100% of premiums for employees.

Volunteerism Pay

We believe in giving back and in the US, our employees are eligible for up to 40 hours of paid time off each year to volunteer towards the causes that they are most passionate about. This is in addition to personal PTO and paid holidays.

Additional Benefits

We offer all the other important benefits to keep employees and their families healthy and financially secure, such as 401(k) retirement savings with a company match, pre-tax parking and transit programs, disability insurance, and Basic Life/AD&D, alongside exclusive employee discounts on a wide variety of products and services.

Yousuf Shariff

Sr. DevOps Engineer

It is satisfying to help make things function well at Nisum. I’m striving to keep things running in the most efficient manner possible.

Mason Mukai

Marketing Coordinator

It is very exciting working for a company that prides itself on being at the cutting edge of technology while also growing internally at such a high rate.

Catalina Reynolds

Management Analyst

Working at Nisum has been a huge learning opportunity. Here, I get the chance to work on many different projects with some of the greatest minds of our company.

Kumar Saurabh

Senior Project Manager

Proud to be a Nisumite. Excellent environment, well equipped and bright colleagues, and immense opportunities for professional and personal growth.

"When I launched Nisum, our key principle was to ensure success and satisfaction for anyone that interacted with us — from employees to clients, vendors and partners. In other words, we had this notion that together, we are all greater than the sum of our individual parts — and business does not have to be a zero-sum game. That's why, everyday we try to go out and overcome more challenges, achieve more wins and enjoy our time — together. Over time, this spirit has crystallized into our motto of Building Success Together®. Looking back over the nearly 2 decades we've been in business, I'm very proud of the great strides we've made as an organization.

Imtiaz Mohammady | nisum CEO

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"I work for a company that has long-term corporate goals and we all are strategically aligned to achieve them. We come from humble beginnings that keep us grounded, but we're on our way to achieving something big and amazing.

Nisum is a company of people. Our employees, including myself, are motivated by common goals and values that support our clients' success and our own personal and professional growth. I am deeply honored and thankful to work with the most sincere, open and supportive colleagues."

Kyu Cho | VP Consulting Services

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"I joined Nisum in 2003 and presently head the Innovation and Product division (ATS). I strongly believe that true innovation can only be achieved through connected minds and collaboration, thus innovation is collectively owned and embodied by the entire organization. Through my work with Nisum, I've seen many positive changes and one thing that remained constant and keeps me motivated to strive for the best is our definition of growth. At Nisum, growth is not about increasing revenue or increasing head-counts, but rather it has always been about increasing heart-counts. Even after being here for over 14 years, I still feel that I am just starting at Nisum when I consider the future growth plans and opportunities ahead. Nisum provides an excellent platform for professional growth and continuous learning."

Faraz Mohammed | VP Product & Innovation (ATS)

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Sajid works across Nisum's functional areas to identify opportunities for growth, and also works closely with clients to match business objectives with the right technologies. He brings extensive experience in management consulting and entrepreneurship, having worked in multiple industries including media, retail, clean-tech, CPG and automotive.

Sajid Mohamedy | VP Strategy and Operations

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