Business Agility

Large organizations have found that Nisum gives them a competitive edge through lean and agile coaching. They’re using Nisum to build change management systems that address key organizational challenges related to team efficiency.

It all comes down to better production, faster.

It all comes down to better production, faster.

Areas of Impact

Customer Experience

Product Management

With cross functional teams we deliver end to end business solutions and develop roadmaps aligned to the organization's strategy.


We understand the impression of your brand and continuously strive to improve the interaction between you (the company) and the customer.

Business / System Analyst Management

Best talent to create better solutions for the business, our analyst capture the best solution requirements by working in close alliance with the stakeholders.

Thought Leadership In Agile


We believe and practice innovation in management. Our agile team members help you embrace fast changing environment. We help you create better solutions for the business by keeping customers in the foreground.


We coach, mentor and guide (CMG approach) clients to organizational maturity.

Change Management

We engage our employees with a focus on culture and align ourselves to the customers strategic plan(s).

Agile Delivery

Portfolio Planning

A continuous improvement strategy with focus on business value. We help you acquire maximum advantage by looking at peripheral economics.

Program Management

We specialize in developing and deploying Net promoter score goals and have structured metrics driven delivery.

Project Management

We gain insights from our stakeholders. Discover, prioritize and look for solutions with focus on continuous development.

Release Management

Affirmation of value by frequent releases with continuous integration and deployment.

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